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I was born in London, England. My family in England were also gifted Mediums, each with a unique gift. Many days were spent with my Grandma reading tea leaves and conducting and attending Seances. Living with a Spiritual presence in our daily lives was happily accepted.
Over 30 years ago I began to train so that I could develop my gift to help others.
Since then I have been blessed to do my work and to get to know so many wonderful people. I have clients all over the USA, UK, South America, Europe, and Mexico. 
I currently live in N.E. Saint Petersburg, Florida. I have four grown wonderful children and four beautiful grandchildren. 
As I tend to move quite often, I have learned to develop the art of telephone coaching and spiritual readings. These one on one sessions never cease to amaze, enlighten and assist my clients and myself. I admit my work is fun, never boring and I receive deep satisfaction in helping my clients.
We all have the tools to manifest an amazing life, let me show you how.
Let go and find your joy!
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